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Classification Model Summary Table And Description
Nano Polishing Grinding Series
Ultrafine and nano alumina
4N nano alumina and 4N nano aluminum hydroxide Al2O3
type: Similar model
price: ¥0.00
5N high purity alumina CY-L100K Jiupeng
type: CY-L100K
price: ¥250.00
6N high purity alumina CY-LH Jiupeng
type: CY-LH
price: ¥400.00
99.999% alumina CY-L100 Jiupeng
type: CY-L100
price: ¥250.00
Alkaline nano-aluminum sol CY-L10j
type: CY-L10j
price: ¥150.00
Battery-specific nano-alumina  CY-L30D jiupeng
type: CY-L30D
price: ¥190.00
Catalyst carrier with nano-alumina CY-L10Y/20Y/50Y Jiupeng
type: CY-L10Y/20Y/50Y
price: ¥190.00
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Nano silica powder and dispersion
Gas phase nano-silica CY-SQ15 jiupeng
type: CY-SQ15
price: ¥90.00
Matte-specific nano silica cy-SP30B Jiupeng
type: cy-SP30B
price: ¥45.00
Nano silica for coating CY-SP30T jiupeng
type: CY-SP30T
price: ¥45.00
nano silica for ink CY-SP30K jiupeng
type: CY-SP30K
price: ¥45.00
Nano silica for rubber cy-SR01 Jiupeng
type: cy-SR01
price: ¥45.00
Nano-silica aqueous slurry CY-S01W Jiupeng
type: CY-S01W
price: ¥50.00
Nano-silica CY-SP jiupeng
type: CY-SP
price: ¥45.00
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Ultrafine cerium oxide and rare earth series
Nano Zinc Oxide CY-J30 Jiupeng
type: CY-J30
price: ¥100.00
Nano-cerium oxide CY-Ce02 Jiupeng
type: CY-Ce02
price: ¥250.00
Nano-cerium oxide CY-La01 Jiupeng
type: CY-La01
price: ¥450.00
Nano-cerium oxide CY-Y01 Jiupeng
type: CY-Y01
price: ¥400.00
Nano-cerium oxide dispersion CY- CE03 Jiupeng
type: CY- CE01
price: ¥200.00
Nano-cerium oxide dispersion CY-Y01H Jiupeng
type: CY-Y01H
price: ¥200.00
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Inorganic Nano Antibacterial, Mildew, Fungicide
Sewage Treatment, Air Purification, Photocatalyst
Environmental Protection Series
type: Similar model
price: ¥0.00
Air purifier
type: cy-Mg05TC
price: ¥0.00
Formaldehyde scavenger CY-TK01 Jiupeng
type: CY-TK01
price: ¥0.00
Nano Photocatalyst CY-T30 Jiupeng
type: CY-T30
price: ¥0.00
Nano titanium dioxide CY05 Jiupeng
type: CY05
price: ¥2,000.00
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